Musical sound,
tasteful character


I produce music mixing live instruments and sampling. I like dirty sounds from vinyl records mixed with analog synths, electric piano and live percussion.


I mix on an analog console with external prosessors with tubes, Xformers, analog delays and spring reverb. How do you want it: dirty or clean, classic or modern?


I have been producing music for over a decade. Started off as a DJ, later on started making sample based beats, and have over the years worked with producers and rappers both sides of the pond. New instruments and techniques are incorporated into the workflow, but I always keep my aesthetics.

Mixing music for other artists has evolved with my studio skills, and become part of my offerings. I love working with Hip-Hop, R&B og Soul music, and my goal is to deliver musical sound with tasteful character. Clients include: Ivan Ave, Charlotte Dos Santos, Fredfades, Alnitak/Nelson Dialect (AU), Apollo Bebop/Brian To Earth (US) and Pats One.



Console: Audient
Monitoring: Dynaudio
Converters: Lynx, Antelope
Effects: Moog, DOD, Zerotronics
Outboards: Manley, Warm, TK Audio, Foote,
Overstayer, DBX, Square State Solid State
Instruments: Rhodes, Moog, Fender,
DSI Sequential, E-Mu, Akai, N.i.